Project Jeksel

A digital design experiment focused on utilizing multiple design softwares in tandem.  Modeling occured in 3dsMax, Rhino and Grasshopper.  Rendering was processed through Vray.

Maple Lamp

A Maple box with interchangeable diffusers shielding an LED Edison bulb.  To operate, a wooden dowel is pushed flush into the side, resulting in an opposed dowel protruding on the opposite side.  To turn off, the process is reversed.

Diffusers can be cut to fit and are slotted into dadoes.  Shown are sandblasted red acrylic and Maple veneer options.

Flashbulb Lamp

Prototype lightbox created using repurposed vintage camera flash bulbs nested into a custom made Walnut base.   


10x10 Lamp

Prototype lightbox created via 3D modeling in Rhino software and partially fabricated on a CNC router.  Oak body with an incorporated 100-light strand.

Maple Veneer Pendant

Prototype pendant light combining bent ply lamination, thermoformed plastic diffusers, and 3D printed assembly components.  CNC routed formwork will enable accurate batch production of veneer laminated curves, while a vacuum thermoformer will create the elements of the internal diffuser.