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Tree Rock Robot series

These pieces represent a family of products of serial difference, formally related but individually unique.  Utilizing a 3D scanner, locally found rocks are translated into digital geometries which are then nested into hardwood trays milled by a CNC router.  By intention, these pieces cannot be mass produced and instead require individual consideration and commitment in craft and making.  

Stones individually sourced from the PNW.

The development and exhibition of these pieces at 2023 IDS Vancouver was generously supported by a University of Oregon College of Design Dean's Award.

The MassPly Duck

Developed as the first draft of "The Duck", this iteration utilized scrap Mass Plywood from the Tallwood Design Institute that was leftover from another professors material testing research.


This opportunity for material reuse is a key focus of a research grant "Mass Timber, Small Format" being explored by myself and research partner Associate Professor Linda Zimmer, extending the opportunities for carbon sequestering and material efficiency promised by mass timber fabrication.   

The Duck

Commissioned by the University of Oregon President as a gift to a retiring colleague with a collection of duck decoys.  The form was CNC milled from a lamination of Baltic Birch plywood, with the smooth curvatures accentuating the ply veneers.

CNC Joinery Explorations

Utilizing a Stepcraft M1000 with a pass-through table feature, these joints combine traditional face milling with end milling.

Custom Frame

Responding to the forms present in an art print, a custom Ash picture frame was designed utilizing the same forms through a CNC half-lap corner joinery.  

Artwork by Frank Jacobus.

Project Jeksel

A digital design experiment focused on utilizing multiple design softwares in tandem.  Modeling occured in 3dsMax, Rhino and Grasshopper.  Rendering was processed through Vray.

Maple Lamp

A Maple box with interchangeable diffusers shielding an LED Edison bulb.  To operate, a wooden dowel is pushed flush into the side, resulting in an opposed dowel protruding on the opposite side.  To turn off, the process is reversed.

Diffusers can be cut to fit and are slotted into dadoes.  Shown are sandblasted red acrylic and Maple veneer options.

Flashbulb Lamp

Prototype lightbox created using repurposed vintage camera flash bulbs nested into a custom made Walnut base.   


10x10 Lamp

Prototype lightbox created via 3D modeling in Rhino software and partially fabricated on a CNC router.  Oak body with an incorporated 100-light strand.

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