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Printed in collaboration with BIGINK, this piece was carved into a sheet of MDF using a CNC router and V-bit.  The image shows a 100 object transformation series, generated as 3 dimensional forms in Rhino prior to flattening and assigning different line styles. 


Two copies available, contact for further details.

CNC Portrait series

Generated from a photograph interpreted through a Rhino heightfield and Grasshopper scripting, the portrait series explores the legibility of a tonal image through various patterns of CNC carving.

A V-bit is used as the carving bit, and the depth of the carving translates to a wider or narrower material removal.


Artificial Intelligence Print

Collaborating with ai software MidJourney, the inspiration for this linocut came from the text prompt "minimalist abstract linocut blockprint, black and white".  

The AI image was then translated into Rhino cad linework and programmed to mill using a 3-axis CNC.

Image sequence is Print, AI Image, and linocut block.


Optic Print

A diptych print that pairs two concentric designs in close proximity.  An 1/8" carving bit was utilized with a CNC router to cut perfectly round paths from linoleum blocks.

Two 5"x7" blocks printed on one sheet

Line Test

Developed as a preliminary exploration for the CNC BIGINK design, Line Test illustrates line widths and fidelity using a V-bit to CNC carve into an MDF block.

Depths and spacings from this test were identified and translated to the large scale final print.

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