Goose Island State Park Pavilion

A design/build project completed during my first semester as an interior design graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin.  The pavilion is designed as a dining hall and meeting place for youth groups and interpretive nature walks hosted by the park. 


Collaboratively designed and built by a group of 10 students with oversight by Professor Coleman Coker.


More at Poetics of Building.

Theater Concept

An exploration into the future of cinema experience.  This proposal introduces museum grade exhibitions, front-of-house event space and a post-movie bar where cinephiles can meet and discuss their shared experiences.

Bunny Run Cabinetry


This project was completed while employed by Precision Craft Woodworks in Austin, Texas.  My individual contributions were performed as lead assembler and lead installer.


Project Architect: Alterstudio

Builder: Becky Fuller Homes

Photographer: Casey Dunn

Cottage Renovation

A full renovation of an approximately 500 sf cottage in Northwest Arkansas.  A handful of images showing final conditions as well as process.

Hand Drafted Plans

These are a collection of drawings done under contract for the Bunkhouse Group and McGuire Moorman Hospitality in Austin, Texas.  Each is hand drafted and then lightly modified digitally using Photoshop.  The site drawings are hybrids combining elements of both site plans and landscaping plans.

Spatial Visualizations

These hand drawings are some examples of visualizations commissioned prior to project completions to help design and marketing teams evoke a mood and understanding of space and environment in various hospitality projects. 

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